HSBC Commercial Banking

Business Challenge

HSBC Commercial Banking needed to establish consistency in local area marketing in all global markets, and gain quick and easy access to all marketing materials including images, templates and logos, and an enhanced statistics tool that could provide metrics and tracking on marketing performance and resource management.

BrandWizard Response

HSBC Commercial Banking Marketing Centre created an easily searchable, state-of-the-art Brand Asset Management online system that provides a visually powerful presentation of assets and guidelines, customized to the HSBC brand.

Business Results

Over US$2 million in savings over the course of the first year of implementation of the Marketing Centre; a system that provides a powerful presentation of marketing materials, assets and guidelines custom to the HSBC brand. This in turn unites HSBC employees, vendors and agencies under one marketing portal. With the Marketing Centre, the employees are educated and engaged in the HSBC Commercial Banking brand, which delivers intelligent information to an audience of millions.