Ad & Packaging Wizards

Ad, Collateral, and Packaging Wizards give client brand and agency users ‘latitude within limits’, allowing your people freedom to create while ensuring consistent execution. The system leads to considerable savings resulting from less rework, less agency time required and more consistent communications.

Leveraging Adobe InDesign server, marketing and advertising materials can be created on the fly, allowing multi-variants to be created very cost effectively and ready for market testing in a matter of minutes.

All marketing materials can be stored, categorized, customized, estimated on for print and production purposes, ordered, downloaded, approved and subsequently archived.

Powerful user and administration controls allow companies to manage the entire creative lifecycle, right through to integration with procurement, printers and warehouse distribution.

Reports can provide marketing managers with real-time data on which pieces are being used; which taglines, images and concepts are resonating in the field; and what teams and individuals are proactively marketing versus those that may need encouragement, support and training.